zTrac - Zimmerman Total Retail Accountability Center
Posted: January 27, 2014


This tool allows Executives, Financial Officers, and Account Executives to view instant results of various media campaigns with hundreds of reports in one convenient tool. Completely redesigned with modern screen widths and charting options zTrac now provides a more consistent user experience across its many formerly disparate systems.


This website design was provided as a set of images and/or PSD’s that I have constructed into a functional webpage. All of the code including HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, and PHP are written by hand for each website below. The site is fully responsive, meaning the same code is delivered on desktop and mobile with changes to the layout activated by CSS media queries and JavaScript.


Once logged in zTrac greets the user with an overview of the most commonly accessed charts in a condensed view to quickly identify trends in data. Utilizing a tree based menu system it is possible to effectively navigate sets of links that may number in the hundreds on a single tab.

Powerful reporting control allows the user to find the essential data they need without sifting through the data they dont need. Common searches can be saved and accessed in the future allowing the creation of custom reports that can easily be printed or saved as a Microsoft Excel document. When a report is shown the tree menu navigation automatically hides on the left and can be shown again by clicking the black sliver on the left hand side of the screen. This helps to maximize screen space while not dropping any functionality.


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