Boston Market Website Redesign
Posted: April 23, 2016



This website design was provided as a set of images and/or PSD’s that I have constructed into a functional webpage. All of the code including HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, and PHP are written by hand for each website below. The site is fully responsive, meaning the same code is delivered on desktop and mobile with changes to the layout activated by CSS media queries and JavaScript.

Home Page

The newly designed home page is a promotional hub intended to showcase the latest offers and other general imagery showing their irresistible rotisserie chicken.

Using fullscreen images and a simple back and forward navigation style it is easy to create new slides that go along with any campaign. Additionally a minimalist footer is available which gives quick access to company related information and various social platforms to connect and share with others.

The main navigation when clicked drops down a large and colorful menu allowing the user to browse the full food offerings. The menu also provides a place for the online ordering widget which helps the user discover the closest location that offers either pick-up or carry-out style catering or even schedule a catering delivery.

Lastly the main menu houses links to major pages and sections with the option of providing an image and descriptive text.

Store Locator

In an attempt to be more visual the store locator features a giant map with a convenient scroll area containing a list of all locations currently shown on the map. The active location is shown with a green pin, other pins can be clicked to expand the information for that particular location.

The locator is aware of a users location using a simple IP Address geo-locator and can show Boston Market locations near you without ever having to enter your location manually. Users can override the default behavior by searching for their location to get more accurate results or to see locations in another area. Driving time and a simple route indicator let the user make a more informed decision on which location to visit.

Menu Pages

Keeping with large visuals the menu and food pages follow Boston Market’s food-on-the-table campaign. Since meals are actually served on real plates with real silverware it was important to translate this to the online menu as well.

Social sharing icons let you share your favorite Boston Market products with friends and some menu items can also be paired with sauces that are easily configured using the WordPress admin panel.

In trying to promote a more health conscious lifestyle it is important to Boston Market that nutrition information be available along with each product. This information gets pulled in periodically from their large online nutrition menu available at Nutritionix.

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