HostNine Reseller Central
Posted: March 7, 2009



Reseller Central is a multi-location based account management platform custom designed for HostNine LLC. The platform integrates with the cPanel/WHM API allowing complete control over remote servers and all cPanel functions. Currently managing over 200 cPanel WHM servers with 6,000 resellers hosting over 200,000 domains. Reseller Central allows users to create accounts in any of the available locations using a familiar WHM like interface.

Live Demo

A live demo of Reseller Central is available Here.

Client Side

Clients logging into Reseller Central are presented with a clean interface where all accounts and settings can be managed.

The Dashboard in Reseller Central provides a quick overview of the status of accounts and locations within Reseller Central. The List Accounts page provides a list of all the accounts setup within your particular account with links to areas such as Modify Account and Terminate Account.

The Resource Usage page shows the overall disk space and bandwidth usage for various accounts in your Reseller Central. The Network Status page gives an overview of the availability of locations that exist within Reseller Central.

Reseller Central ties in directly with Kayako Support Suite to provide users access to tickets they have submitted. Users can open a new ticket or reply to a current ticket directly from their Reseller Central interface. The Create Account page allows users to select options such as the hosting location and the software to preinstall to the account such as WordPress or Joomla.

Accounts can be modified, upgraded, downgraded using the Modify Account page. An account can be migrated to any available hosting location using the Migration Manager. This page also provides an overview of past migrations and details about migrations currently in progress.

Admin Side

Administrators and Staff logging into Reseller Central are presented with a powerful interface allowing every detail of the platform to be tweaked in real time.

Reseller Central Admin provides staff the ability to manage Resellers and Accounts that are setup within th system. Visual graphs are provided allowing staff to identify quota and bandwidth issues at a glance. Tool bar options are provided in the results which allow quick access to items like Modify Account, Synchronize Account, Check Firewall Block, and many more.

Servers (Nodes) setup within Reseller Central can be fully managed including automatic reboots through the datacenter’s API. Staff can see an overview of all account usage across the Locations available within Reseller Central providing quick access to the Servers that make up that location and options to enable or disable the Location. Some information above has been changed and removed to protect sensitive company secrets.


Reseller Central provides a full JSON API allowing vendors and resellers to automate the operations of their account.

The Reseller Central API provides powerful access to the various areas that are available in Client Side.

The API is divided into sections and each command has full documentation including prototype calling information and sample return output. Sample code is provided for languages like PHP so that developers can get a head start on integrating the Reseller Central API into their own applications.


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