Early Web Development
Posted: March 23, 2010



The following websites were provided as a set of images and/or PSD’s that I have constructed into a functional webpage. All of the code including HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, and PHP are written by hand for each website below.

The Meadows

The Meadows website provides navigation roll-overs using preloaded images, no flash required. The websites key features include custom forms with special case input validation, completely customizable on a per input basis.

Travel Time Agents

Travel Time Agents provides a clean front end and a sophisticated admin backend where signups and orders can be managed. The backend includes an emailer with customizable template, email verification, and Ajax actions with modify/delete.

The Heritage Park Inn

Heritage Park is a luxury hotel offering many amenities, this site has a custom backend allowing special deals to be managed including an image upload manager. Simple to use yet powerful backends allow easy customization of site options.


PurigeNSecure is a custom backend for Purigen98 that allows staff to generate ID card codes for printing and distribution to dealerships around the nation. The system tracks user signups and registrations, manages newsletters with full opt-in/out support.

Simpsons Nurseries

Simpsons Nurseries provides their clients and vendors with a realtime list of available trees, plants, shrubs, and many more. The powerful backend provides staff an elegant Ajax based interface for adding, managing, and removing items from the online list.


All trademarks and artwork relating to these respective websites are property and copyright of their individual owners and may not be reproduced in any way for any reason with all rights reserved.