Bikestreet USA Website
Posted: November 29, 2012



This website design was provided as a set of images and/or PSD’s that I have constructed into a functional webpage. All of the code including HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, and PHP are written by hand for each website below. The site is fully responsive, meaning the same code is delivered on desktop and mobile with changes to the layout activated by CSS media queries and JavaScript.


This site loads as a single page which never reloads in the browser when loading sub pages. Using smaller HTML files that are loaded via Ajax its possible to create a seamless experience with many animations and effects. Bikestreet USA is the first responsive website I have ever created and is no slouch when it comes to responsive styles.

Sub pages are setup easily by creating a new HTML file that contains only the formatting necessary for the content itself, usually consisting of paragraph tags for text and unordered lists for pages like the store locator.


When the site is loaded on a mobile platform the images inside the content container are disabled making the actual information the user is looking for easy to find. The navigation links are replaced by a dropdown which has the advantage of using the built in select menu navigator on mobile platforms such as iOS and Android.


All trademarks and artwork of the Bikestreet USA website are property and copyright of Bikestreet USA and Zimmerman Advertising and may not be reproduced in any way for any reason with all rights reserved.