ASmallOrange The Grove
Posted: October 22, 2011



The Grove is a centralized aggregation platform custom designed for A Small Orange. The platform gathers all Accounts, Servers, Help Desks, and Billing platforms into one centralized location. Staff are able to quickly identify for which brand an account belongs and perform all actions as if you were logged into WHM.

Admin Side

Only staff and administrators are able to log in and view items in The Grove.

Accounts that are populated within The Grove can be fully managed using built in options that tie in directly with the cPanel/WHM API. Servers can be managed in a similar manner utilizing built in datacenter API’s in conjunction with the cPanel/WHM API. Helpful context menus are available which provide more options than are shown by default in the tool bar.

The Grove can access and manage Kayako Support Suite databases allowing ticket statistics and metrics to be generated for multiple brands at once. An integrated Shift Notes system allows staff to leave end-of-shift notes to staff that will be working the desks later on.

Staff and administrator actions are logged in a central location with all relevant information stored in the database. The Grove also allows administrators to view current status information about the processes running in the background and critical services.


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