Join ADT Dealers
Posted: February 27, 2014


ADT needed an easier way to collect dealer recruitment contact information that worked on both desktop and mobile platforms. A video popup was created that implements the HTML5 video player in browsers that support this feature and as a fallback will play the video using flash. Previously to get to the form a user had to click through several sections of the ADT recruitment site, these information tabs were placed underneath the form so users can refer to this information at their own choosing.


This website design was provided as a set of images and/or PSD’s that I have constructed into a functional webpage. All of the code including HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, and PHP are written by hand for each website below. The site is fully responsive, meaning the same code is delivered on desktop and mobile with changes to the layout activated by CSS media queries and JavaScript.


The signup form was simplified and then broken up into 3 sections that would drive the user to complete each step instead of inundating them with a single page with many fields. The form captures the users input at each step so if they didn’t complete the last step and wanted to return all they need to enter is their email and the system picks up from where they left off. This is useful for re-marketing to the users who didn’t complete the form but did give their email address and to prevent duplicate signups.


All of the features present on the desktop version are available on the mobile version. The biggest change is that the tabs go vertical and stack on mobile versus being horizontal and side-by-side on desktop. The form field names are placed on top of the fields and stacked vertically.


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