Zune DIY TV Output Cable
Posted: December 25, 2006



The Zune is a pretty neat device and If you do not think so then tough. This isnt what this thread is about. Most importantly I found out that the zune had the ability to output video to a tv using composite video through the headphone jack. Which made the thought occur to me that it must use a 4 way plug. Meaning that unlike a normal stereo headphone plug which as 3 rings, this jack would have contacts for 4 rings.

After digging in my box of every part known to man I found I had about two of the little buggers to solder up with 4 rings. The first I used as a tester to figure out the pinouts. The other I used to build the actual cable.


First I had to outline the Pinouts of the actual plug. Next I found one of those straight through av cables and cut it in half.

I then Stripped the wire and prepared the connector. I next started to solder it up. Sure its not pretty but it works.

Here is 3 out of the 4 wires all soldered up. And then all the pins soldered up, still not pretty, but I tried.

The finished cable. Note the zip tie I used, this is to round the cable for when I can find some heat shrink tube to encase it in. The cable plugged into the tv.

And a better shot of the cable plugged into the top of the Zune. Close up of the Zune.

And like magic the same image now on my TV. This is an actual video I put on my Zune, 2 points for the one to name it. I finally was able to find some heat shrink tubing to finish off this project. The part I did not take pictures of was how I superglued the connector under the heatshrink. The reason for this is although the heat shrink would protect the electronics of it, the superglue will ensure they never break off the headphone jack. I did several layers so to ensure a good strong hold. My personal super glue of choice is the Loctite professional stuff like found at Lowes.

Quick top shot of the completed cable, and a close up of both connectors.

Very close up of the shrunk up connector, and the same connector from a different angle.

I made the choice here to put a small piece to keep the cable from fraying and from a different angle. I hope this helps a few of you out there or if anything inspires you to build your own. Or likewise inspires you to utilize the tv out features of your Zune. Thanks for taking a look!