TI-83 Plus Programs
Posted: May 5, 2005



These programs were developed as an exercise in writing complex BASIC (beginners all-purpose symbolic instruction code) programs on an embedded platform.

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Xodus XP

Xodus XP is a graphical shell with mouse cursor and movable/clickable icons which represent various programs setup within Xodus XP. Additional programs can be configured via a simple launcher, included applications are a text editor, a program archiver/unlocker, a picture viewer, and a probability simulator.

Download Xodus XP Here or from ticalc.org.


Archiver allows you to Archive, Unarchive, Lock, Unlock any program on your calculator while showing the amount of free ram. This is useful for viewing the source code of locked basic and assembly programs and archiving of programs to save memory.

Download Archiver Here or from ticalc.org.

Probability Simulator

Probability Simulator is a basic clone of the application under the same name. Like many programs I designed this as an exercise to learn the ins and outs of basic programming on the TI-83 Plus.

Download Probability Simulator Here or from ticalc.org.

Hero Adventure

Hero Adventure is my own take on a text based adventure game where you take on the role of a fighting wimp and would be fighting champion.

Download Hero Adventure Here or from ticalc.org.


Memion is a Simon game clone where you must repeat a pattern of lights that gets longer each round.

Download Memion Here or from ticalc.org.

Memo Recorder

Memo Recorder v6 allows you to save up to 5 separate memos and change all of those memos names, not only that but it saves all the data it edits to one single string, no bulky lists, or multiple strings needed.

Download Memo Recorder Here or from ticalc.org.

Planner Pro

This program is used to keep up with your home work in up to 5 different classes, it keeps up with 7 lines of 16 chars of data for each individual class into lists.

Download Planner Pro Here or from ticalc.org.

Bar Grapher

Bar Grapher will accurately create bargraphs from raw data, it also has the ability to save and recall graphs for later use.

Download Bar Grapher Here or from ticalc.org.

Text Editor Pro

This is a Text editor for the calculator, which is handy when taking down quick notes, writing long notes to others, or just plain storing data for whatever reason. I’m pretty sure this is the quickest out there due to its highly optimized code.

Download Text Editor Pro Here or from ticalc.org.