Foscam Multi-View
Posted: November 10, 2010



Foscam Multi-View allows the user to configure up to 4 foscam cameras to be controlled and viewable through a single web interface. Tabs allow the user to switch between the multi view where a camera can be clicked to view the image in full resolution and also control the camera. The interface binds to the keyboard controls allowing the camera to be operated using the Directional Pad or the familiar gamer WASD controls. Options such as the resolution, brightness, contrast, ir mode, etc can be manipulated from the left hand panel with many options also bound to further keyboard keys.



Click Here to download FoscamMV now. File provided as .tar archive about 30K in size.



A webserver or local computer capable of rendering HTML with a network connection to your cameras. Being on the same network for instance.


FoscamMV can be installed or run anywhere in your computer or your webserver’s public_html directory.

Config Options

The configuration for FoscamMV is located at the top of the foscam.html file in the javascript script section.

/* ----- Camera setup ----- */
var camera = new Array();
camera[1] = Array("", "admin", "password", "Front Door");
camera[2] = Array("", "admin", "password", "Back Door");

The camera[] array allows you to configure 1, 2, 3, or 4 cameras that will show on the multi-view page, the first configured camera in the array will show by default when the page is first accessed.

/* ----- Presets setup ----- */
var preset = new Array();
preset[1] = Array("Front Door", "Front Steps", "Mail Box", "Font Porch", "Unassigned");
preset[2] = Array("Back Door", "Back Steps", "Fire Pit", "Back Porch", "Unassigned");

The preset[] array allows you to configure the text displayed next to the 5 preset buttons on the left hand panel, if not declared the presets will simply say “Preset 1” etc.. Even if not declared the var preset = new Array(); must still exist.