Mini Case PC
Posted: October 28, 2005



The goal of this computer is to be an all-purpose small lug-around, where there is a need for a computer that is network operable to throw files to, or other such needs, also as an intelligent backup machine, or all purpose backup computer.


This shows the case before the carnage of cutting, filing, and gluing that will ensue. The case is designed to hold a PSP and a few other accessories and has a small handle at the top for carrying the computer around.

These images show a size comparison of the case up against a soda can. Yes its Check brand diet grape ;).

These images show the hardware that will be installed in the case. The motherboard is from an original Shuttle SV24 small form factor computer, by comparison the mini case in this project is roughly 1/3 the size. Included also is an AC/DC power supply and a 120GB HDD for storage.

Here the rear I/O ports of the motherboard are cut out of the case so that they can poke through. In this picture I have not yet cut the keyboard and mouse ports as I was using a USB keyboard, these were eventually cut out in the end. Using a small amount of super glue on the edges of the cuts ensures the chrome sheeting doesn’t peel off and the corners stay rigid.

The motherboard installed and showing the ports poking through the cuts in the case. This is where your hard work pays off when everything lines up as it should.

These last shots show the motherboard mounted in the inside of the case. Unfortunately these are the only images I have of this project. In the end the power supply was mounted with a small shroud next to the motherboard. The hard drive was mounted to the top top plate with room left to add a WiFi card.

Donor Shuttle sv24