Breadboard Custom Switch
Posted: February 1, 2014



Sometimes when breadboarding a particular project it is necessary to use components that are not naturally breadboard-friendly. Simply attaching wires either with wire-wrap or by soldering often does the trick in a pinch however the durability diminishes with each use. The solution is to simply attach pin headers to a part often with the aid of small generally left over pieces of perf-board.


The switch used here is a TTDP switch or Triple Throw, Dual Pole giving us 3 positions (on/off/on) and two switched inputs each with two respective outputs depending on switch position. The switch is attached to s small piece of perf-board and a total of 6 pins are soldered attaching to the pins on the switch.

Here is the switch all soldered up and then setup with a simple circuit to demonstrate the application. Here the switch is in the middle or off position meaning both outputs for each respective input are off or not connected.

Here the switch is moved to the first of its on positions sending power to the red portion of the RGB LED. Next the switch is moved to its second on position sending power to the green portion of the RGB LED.